Our primary program goal is to develop each student athlete.  Titans Sports Organization’s (TSO) is an activity of GPA Tech Center, Inc., a 501(c)3 non profit organization that provides mentorship, tutoring, self-assurance, academic, sports and nutritional programs for student athletes of all ages.

TSO is committed to doing this by enhancing the quality of life for its students providing progressive community based wellness and recreational opportunities in safe, accessible, clean and secure facilities.



Any “ONE” coach can say let’s hoop or come play for me and all they care about is just “SCORE…SCORE…SCORE”.  That’s a coach with tunnel vision.  Yes, scoring is apart of the game but some coaches are forgetting about developing the player as a whole.  We don’t!

Titans Sports 3D process revolves around teaching academics, life  applications and game situation (Game IQ – the mind),  conditioning the body (strength, agility, reaction), elevating your level of playing skills (shooting, dribbling).

“Titans Sports shows kids life skills…Teaches us that you have to work for what you want.” Riccardo Cezair

Our 3D process will allow for a well rounded player.  We develop student athletes not just athletes,.  Titans motto is, “Blood, Sweat, Respect”!

Are you ready to be a TITAN!!!!