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Any “ONE” coach can say let’s hoop or come play for me and all they care about is just “SCORE…SCORE…SCORE”.  That’s a coach with tunnel vision.  Yes, scoring is apart of the game but some coaches are forgetting about developing the player as a whole.  We don’t!

Titans Sports 3D process revolves around teaching academics, life  applications and game situation (Game IQ – the mind),  conditioning the body (strength, agility, reaction), elevating your level of playing skills (shooting, dribbling).

“Titans Sports shows kids life skills…Teaches us that you have to work for what you want.” Riccardo Cezair

Our 3D process will allow for a well rounded player.  We develop student athletes not just athletes,.  Titans motto is, “Blood, Sweat, Respect”!

Are you ready to be a TITAN!!!!


Player Love


The Titans Sports Organization not only changed my life through basketball, but it gave important life fundamentals that I was able to take off the court. Mental toughness, Perseverance, Consistency, Hard Work, are only a few of the many traits that Coach Tee and the organization instilled in me. Al...


Coach Tee knows how to bring out the best in you.  My favorite years playing ball were under her.  Aside from the sport, she gets the team involved in the community.  3 years removed and we still keep in touch.  She made me a better player and a better man.  Titans for life!...

James “Old Skool” Phethean

The Titans helped push me to limits i never imagined. This organization gave me confidence, made me stronger mentally and physically, and influenced all aspects of my life. I still use the skillset that i gained to this day.

Riccardo “Franchise” Cezair

The Titans organization is wonderful. It has helped me in all facets of my life. Whether it has been on the court, in the classroom, or other areas of interest that I have had. The organization works to help every person achieve their goals and helps to prepare each child for life as a whole, not ju...

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